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Location - Metita Resort, Morotai - North Halmahera
Location - Metita Resort, Morotai - North Halmahera
Location - Metita Resort, Morotai - North Halmahera

Finally, the starting signal for the work on Metita is given!

Date: 15th October 2020

We had to be patient for a long time until finally the whole approval procedure – additionally slowed down by Corona – was completed. Now the time has finally come!
We have already started with the work on our land and have cleared the undergrowth a bit, so that the plot is better accessible. For the official part we still have to set the boundary stones and then we start to stake out the buildings and then ….. Ground-breaking ceremony!
We are very happy and hope you are happy with us!

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Morotai Marine Park

Date: 01st July 2020

One of our heart’s wishes came true!
Since 2017 WCS has been working together with marinechange and other organisations to make the islands south-west of Morotai a marine nature reserve. After many meetings, discussions, surveys, planning and changes, the government resolution was finally officially signed on 10 June 2020.
The islands from Pulau Rao on the north to Metita on the south end now form the 65,892 hectare Morotai Marine Park. It is divided into different zones, including areas for sustainable fishing and restricted access protection zones for special marine species such as dugongs.
What we have fought for: The waters around Metita fall within the tourism zone, where water sports are allowed but fishing is not. What excellent prospects for the now undisturbed flourishing life on our house reef!

Morotai Marine Park, North Halmahera
Islands in Morotai, North Halmahera
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