Partners & Friends - Metita Resort, North Halmahera

Partners & Friends

If you need help to arrange your holiday, want to book your trip through an agent, need a diving specialist or would like to combine destinations, please refer to the list of our approved partners from around the world who will take care of every step of your next unforgettable trip.

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Resort & Partners

Celebes Divers

Bunaken, North Sulawesi

our recommended partner in Manado for a combined holiday

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Our Tour Operators

Coming Soon

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Recommended Businesses

Alexander Flohr

Munich, Germany

Visual Communication Concepts and Graphic Design. Specialized on Corporate Design,
Typographic Design and Editorial Design

Bantik Designs

Manado, Indonesia

photography works, web and
graphic designs


Augsburg, Germany
high-end digital visualization of architecture
and landscape plannings
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Don’t believe our words? Let the pictures speak

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